Sure, we may be turning more and more to online information, but nothing quite beats holding a well-designed physical brochure in your hands. Distributing flyers is still a huge component of outbound marketing and requires far more than simply putting some copy and clip art together in Word. I provide top end graphic design to create brochures that will stand out and get whatever it is you’re trying to promote, event, cause, business or campaign, noticed.

Designing flyers is more than just a pretty face

Great flyer design is more than getting graphics to grab your reader’s attention. Sure, the first step is to draw the eye, but once you’ve got your audience’s attention, the real work begins. What paper stock do you use; cardboard, recycled, gloss, matt? Is it single or double sided? A5, DL, Trifold? How do you format your information out so it’s visually engaging and easy to read?

I take these factors and constructs an aesthetically stylish and physically pleasing product that holds your audience’s engagement and communicates your message.

On brand design for your brochures

When it comes to physical marketing collateral, brochures are their own ball game. Use the opportunity to leverage different shapes, fold design and multiple surface areas to strategically gain engagement and provide value to your audience.

Digital design

Whilst you may want to strategically place brochures or flyers in places your target market hang out; hubs such as cafés, waiting rooms and train stations, there is a good chance you’ll want a digital version of your marketing collateral. Or you may just be trying to incorporate environmental awareness by going digital, in which case, go you. Whatever your goal is, I can create your files digitally so that way, you can provide a digital download for your flyers and/or brochures to distribute to your audience online.

A designer that works with you

When it comes to marketing, communication is key, and not just between business and customer. Understanding what your client/customer needs, what their goals are, their business values are, what they’re trying to communicate to their audience, is paramount in creating smart design for your communication that delivers clear, strong messaging. At Your One and Only you can count on a professional service that works together with you to hit those goals.

Your One and Only is based in Camden with clients in Campbelltown, Narellan and across Sydney. If you’re looking to create stylish, on brand marketing collateral with professionally designed brochures or flyers contact me today and I’ll get back to you soon to discuss how I can help.

In the meantime, check out some examples of my work here.

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