All Seasons Produce rebrand

We worked together with All Seasons Produce on their rebrand. They’re big players in the Sydney Markets, so it was crucial that their identity had to remain recognisable but introduced a modern flair, in order to create timelessness.

We subtly changed the shape of the apple and combined the circles so they intertwined, creating the leaves on the apple. We then updated the font to something that was more modern and versatile. The primary green colour was also slightly darkened, and we introduced a lighter green so we could colour step. This helped us to use the red only on the apple, giving it emphasis.

The apple was then carried across the branding collateral as a secondary brand asset and something that people can identify the brand with on its own for future purposes.

Simple, yet effective. One that we’re very happy with. Stay tuned for the website.

All Seasons Produce Logo

All Seasons Produce Stationery All Seasons Produce Business Cards
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