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Performance Personal Training Branding

We’ve been working with the guys at PPT since their opening launch in 2013. The only thing we didn’t develop was their initial logo (which we tweaked this time around).

After experiencing some great business growth over the past few years, they had outgrown their original gym, which meant new venue, new blank canvas. We took this opportunity to use the promotion from the gym move to introduce a fresher feel to their existing branding.

The Brief

  • To update their existing visual branding to showcase a change
  • Introduce branding guidelines so that their brand stayed consistent across all touchpoints
  • Update the existing website to be simplistic yet informative
  • Create branding assets/templates that can be easily rolled out into user-generated apps like Canva
  • Internal and external signage, including wall graphics, for the new gym
  • A ‘Chill Out Zone’ aka a waiting, conversation area for the clients
  • Shirt designs for their existing clients


  • We started with a strategy that was drip fed through their socials introducing a ‘transformation’ of multiple things, including a new look, website and gym
  • We then updated their brand colours by switching the primary colours around. Removing the red as the hierarchy and using only as an accent. The reason? A lot of competitors in the area have red, black and white brand colours. So we introduced the light grey, which had been progressively rolled out over the years into their promotional material because of this reason.  The bonus part is that the new gym is massive with a natural concrete palette, so it was on brand to begin with!
  • We then updated the logo with a different font for ‘Performance’ so that it had more room within the current space. We then made the ‘personal training’ in uppercase so that there was an equal distance both above and below the letters from a visual standpoint. We didn’t want this to look too different as the logo had already established recognition within the area, so we tweaked it slightly.
  • We introduced a 24-page brand guidelines document which indicated their tone of voice, brand narrative, typography, colour palette, logo usage, image usage and general asset rules. This way they can refer to the document prior to creating content and remain consistent within the market.
  • We updated all of the branded stationery to reflect the new colour scheme, information and brand font.
  • Introduced an internal graphic, that we designed like a Polaroid with their branded hashtag. That way it can be used by their clients for photos in the gym.
  • Alongside the above, we designed another internal graphic that sits at the end of the gym that says ‘STRENGTH 1N NUMB3RS’. The 13 representing 2013, the year they opened.
  • We sourced furniture, interior decor, and bathroom amenities like soaps and candles to build on the brand quality.
  • We then sourced a custom-made neon from Sammy & Lola, which said ‘Chill out Zone’ to add to the vibe.
  • We designed a brand spanking new website, introducing the tone of voice into the copy.

In the end, the brand is well executed across all of their channels, both visually and verbally. A big project which we rolled out over a few short months!

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