Camden Brewery Branding

It’s all a bit new and all so fresh, but new kids on the block Camden Brewery approached me full of excitement to get their new gig up and going. Implementing parts of Camden, Steve came to me with a stack of ideas on how he can incorporate elements of Camden that will showcase not only how good the beer will be, but how amazing the area is itself.

The idea was to incorporate the Masonic Temple (est. 1926) located in Camden, into the brand. With this in mind, I took an illustrative approach for the temple and have used this for the beer varieties, or in this case, the ‘Grand Ale’. I then carried that style across to the overarching brand, Camden Brewery itself. After forming a hand-drawn B in true stonemason style, I added in various elements to form 4 signature logos (below). I think it turned out pretty slick, what do you think?

Camden Brewery Various Logos


Camden Brewery Branding

I was pretty excited about this one, as an avid beer drinker, this one really hit the sweet spot!

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