What do I offer?

Creativity, strategy, content, social media marketing and design.

So what do you actually need?

If you know, awesome, if you don’t, never fear that’s why I’m here. It’s about finding the right solution for you and your current situation. Communication is key, so discussing everything about your business, your ideas and the direction you want to head in, then we can see how we can best tackle the problem. In the past, I’ve had a lot of people approach me regarding a complete rebrand when sometimes the existing brand identity is fine. This is where we discuss what we can do together to improve it, we may just need to tweak with the way we communicate then BOOM, you’ve got momentum.


It’s all about branding; how people see you, feel about you and connect with you. Your brand is the essence of your being, so to say, it goes deep, real deep. There’s a whole psychological understanding with people and their connections to brands, and it’s all emotionally tied. People don’t just buy a brand because it looks good, they buy into everything that comes with it; values, reputation, inclusion. So it’s important that your brand is strong and consistent across every touch point in market.

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Through research and analytics, we’re able to get a deep understanding of who your target market is and how they purchase. This helps us to plan a smart and effective strategy, so we know who we’re talking to and where to find them. By doing this we’re able to understand how they think and most importantly how they feel – because emotion shapes our purchasing patterns. On top of this, if you’re an already established business, we’re able to see how your brand is currently positioned within the market, and how people perceive it.


Your strategic approach to your brand can make or break you. This is where we apply the findings of our research and devise a plan to solve the current problem. If we are building or repositioning your brand, this is where we look at the current market climate, find your point of difference and help you excel from start to finish across every aspect of your brand. This means coming up with the best way to communicate to your audience; whether that’s your social media feeds, a largely distributed print magazine or a locally run Facebook ad; the end goal is the same. That is to find where your audience hang out, and speak directly to them. How we do that? Well, that depends on the problem, our budget and the creative solution.


You know what they say, content is king. How you convey your content is crucial in order to deliver what you’re trying to say clearly and effectively. Content sets the overall tone of voice for your brand, it showcases your personality and people get a glimpse into how they will converse with you. I love to write, especially with a purpose. Whether it’s something small for a flyer, rewriting your copy for your website, or crafting a document in a way that really communicates your brand to your audience, I’m your girl.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a game changer, if you’re not on it, do you even exist? Click here to see what’s on offer.

Why it’s important:

  • People now actively search social media for businesses and reviews
  • They also monitor how you engage and deal with problems
  • They want to know what you can offer them and want to see what you’ve got
  • They want to know that you invest as much time into your own company as you will into theirs
  • Presence is key if you don’t have a presence people won’t consider you in the buying process
  • They want to know all about you, and your website isn’t enough

Branding goes beyond the image, as I’ve already stated. Your social media pages are the connections to your customers on a daily basis. If your social media presence isn’t even considered in brand strategy in this day and age, you’re making a big mistake. Social media is now ingrained in our culture, not being on there is limiting your touchpoints in the digital age.

BUT, don’t worry, I’m here.


Whether it’s a logo, flyer or point of sale; the design is what attracts your audience, and without good design, people won’t engage. Whether that be through clever content or compelling imagery, the end message needs to be clear and precise for the audience to immediately get it. A good design can become irrelevant if the message doesn’t cut through instantaneously, so making sure that the design is cleverly executed is vital.

Creative Process

  1. It starts with the brief; this is where you’ll explain to me what your current problems are and how you’d like to approach them.
  2. From there, we head into strategy – this is where we’ll work together to come up with a solution, and how we’re going to attack the creative.
  3. Then we head into the design phase – this is where we’ll design and develop concepts until we find the perfect approach.
  4. It’s go time – we get it to market in the most effective way for your brand!

Packaged or custom priced solutions

Unfortunately, I’d love to rattle off a cost for you here, but each one of you is unique in your own way! So I can’t treat you all the same. I have a standard packaged solutions that are based on what most businesses need and ask for, in addition to custom quotations that are tailored to your specific needs.

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