Social solutions.

Social media is brand presence 101. It’s selling, marketing, engaging – it’s basically a real-time website.

Social media is your chance to tell your story, to engage with real people and build relationships that inevitably lead to sales. After all, we’re not here to play games, we’re here to build an empire.

Unfortunately, from most of my cases, businesses are now understanding that there is much much more involved in social media. They’ve realised it’s more than just throwing up a photo and hoping for the best. It’s nurturing, engaging, showcasing personality and being in the right places at the right time. Look, to be honest, it’s hard work, that’s why there are jobs for it now, which is where I come in.

I have a range of options available to businesses who want to build their social presence and need help doing it. I can help you find the right content, curate the right visual feed, explain why hashtags are a thing, figure out your content strategy and show you how to track and monitor your success. Benefit for you is that I’m also a designer, and a damn good writer if I don’t say so myself, so it’s win-win.

What’s on offer? Well, there are a few options:
  1. Social Starter Pack: The real deal, training 1 on 1.
    Together we will strategise, create, teach, and show you how to build your presence for a month. Give you all the tips and tricks to implement into your business, show you tools and processes to get you on track and then release you like a butterfly to the world.
  2. Content creation: For all the non-writers out there this one is for you.
    Basically, you supply the images, we supply the content. We develop the captions and copywriting for your posts across Facebook and Instagram. Available in weekly and monthly packages.
  3. Social Media Management: Don’t have time for social media, we get it.
    We create the content plan, post schedules and captions for Instagram and/or Facebook. Available in weekly and monthly packages.
  4. Social Audit: let’s have a looksy shall we?
    We will go over your socials and give you our feedback on your content, visuals, brand presence and measurement so you can have a plan of action moving forward.

Also coming soon will be our Instagram workshops!
We’ll be running 2 workshops:

  1. Instagram Essentials: Understanding how it works.
    This one is for beginners. Getting the rundown on Instagram and how to use it well for your business.
  2. Instagram Intermediate: Learning how to social sell.
    This one is for intermediates. Showcasing how to leverage Instagram for your brand and delving into analytics, measurement and goal setting.

Keep an eye out, more information coming soon!

The choice is yours, after all, building a brand with no social presence…

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