The foundations of branding delivered straight.

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No airy fairy rubbish. We’re going straight to the point.

It’s a collection of little things that make the big picture, and that’s what we’ll be teaching you.

In this course, we’re delving into the nitty-gritty over a 12 week period. Each week we’ll be talking about a different topic and how you can implement that into your strategies.

By the end of it, you’ll be in a completely different headspace, with a bunch of new biz pals championing you!

Things we’re sick of: 

❌ Cowboys preaching they’re brand experts and screwing people over with crappy services
❌ People overcomplicating what branding really means because it’s relatively easy once you know what you’re doing
❌ People thinking that changing their logo is going to bring in new business (sidenote, it’s not)
❌ People cluttering the market by hard selling with useless communication

What we want to see is people:

✔ Understanding the processes and steps involved to nail strategies
✔ Truly understanding how they need to market to build trust in order to sell
✔ Really grasping how to talk to their audiences
✔ Leveraging creative thinking to stand out from the crowd (and yes, it’s possible)

Well, truth is, we’re not cowboys and we know our shit, and we’re gonna help you know your shit too.

If you're a small biz owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, startup, marketing manager, VA, whatevs you wanna call yourself, then this baby is for you.

You’ll learn: 

The foundations of a brand
How to communicate the right messages across channels both visually and verbally
Where you’re positioned (or where you should be) in market
Your brand value
How to build trust
How to find your target market
Creative strategies and tactics and so much more

What you also get:

2 sassy brand design coaches for a 12 week period #braceyourself
Both upfront and fortnightly payment options
Ongoing tips and recommendations to improve your brand
A closed learning environment with no more than 25 people
Private Facebook group access to discuss topics with other fellow biz peeps
Worksheets and weekly takeaways
Design tips and tricks
A whole lot of learning, witty memes and fun!

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